cold1 [ kould ] adjective ***
1. ) with a low temperature, or a temperature that is lower than normal:
The water was too cold for a shower.
a ) used about the weather:
It was bitterly cold that day.
a cold winter morning
b ) used about people and places:
I was cold, hungry, and thirsty.
freezing cold: Their house is always freezing cold.
c ) used about food that has been cooked but is not eaten hot:
a selection of cold meats
2. ) not seeming friendly or sympathetic:
Her father was a cold and distant man.
She received a rather cold response.
3. ) cold colors are colors such as white, blue, and gray that make you think of things that are cold
4. ) SPOKEN used especially in children's games to tell someone that they are not close to finding or guessing something
─ opposite WARM
in the cold light of day
used for saying how people feel about emotional matters when they think about them later in a calmer way
leave someone cold
to not make someone at all interested or excited
pour/throw cold water on something
to do or say something that spoils someone's plans or enthusiasm
someone's trail/scent has gone cold
it is difficult to find someone because it is a long time since they were seen
╾ cold|ly adverb
cold 2 [ kould ] noun **
1. ) count a minor illness that blocks your nose and makes you cough:
catch a cold: I must have caught a cold on my camping trip.
a heavy/bad cold: Don't go to work if you have a particularly heavy cold.
2. ) uncount cold air or a cold environment:
Plants need protection against extreme cold.
the cold: Heavy curtains help to keep the cold out.
leave someone out in the cold
to deliberately not include someone in an activity or group
cold 3 [ kould ] adverb
1. ) if you do something cold, you do it without preparing for it
2. ) suddenly and immediately:
Something made her stop cold in the middle of her sentence.
out cold
completely unconscious

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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